Wealth management fosters new perspectives

Talking through your financial goals need not be stale

The Atmosphere

Our meeting space is designed to be comfortable. We replaced desks and overhead lights with couches and floor lamps. We added snacks and beverages. People who are at ease tend to make better decisions, and after all, that's our business. Why not set the right conditions?

The Feel

Once you settle in and have a drink in hand, we like to take some time to catch up. Knowing you is essential to our approach. And, even after we start into whatever material we need to cover, we try to cultivate conversation. We are partners, not task masters.

Here is our three-stage approach to wealth management

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Base Camp

Setting the course towards your goals

Getting to know you

Creating a holistic plan for clients requires taking the time to learn about them as people. What drives them? Where are they going? What have they been through? What are they afraid of? The more detail we get about a person's life, the more precise our advise becomes. Money can be intimate, so we never rush this step.

Proposing a course of action

Once we have a sense for who you are, we take some time to review our notes and any documentation provided. From there we provide a proposal for future meetings together. They are usually a combination of the topics clients want covered and the topics we think they need to cover. Once we have agreement on where we're going, we're free to get to work!

Gearing up for the journey

Typically, we see people once every couple weeks for however many sessions we need (anywhere from 2-10). Each meeting is targeted at a specific topic and in between both the client(s) and the advisor(s) do homework. The subject matter for these sessions ranges from funding college for your children, to retirement planning, from business planning to purchasing a new home. By the time we finish, clients have a vision for the future and defined steps to take. We don't stop until both parties share a common plan.

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Living unto your aspirations

The early days

Once Base Camp is finished, there is often still work to be done. We stay in contact with you, helping whenever appropriate. You won't be left alone with a checklist of tasks to fend for yourself.

Regular follow up

Once all of the initial steps have been taken, we like to check in again within the first few months to see how you're faring. We'll make sure savings goals are being met, you have enough money for life expenses and make any minor adjustments necessary. We do this again at the six month mark, again at the one year mark and then at least once a year, every year thereafter.

Adjusting the course

Life happens. We have yet to run into a financial plan that doesn't ever needs to be adjusted. When these events happen, we will work as fast as possible to get you the resources you need, moved to the place you need them. We'll update your plan, reevaluate your goals and make sure your finances fall in line.

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The goals that inform your life

Destination is about goals

We think of this last stage in the Wealth Management process as an ever-receding horizon. It's whatever is ahead of you, whatever you are aimed towards. As soon as we reach a target, we shift resources to the next one.

Dreaming big

It's pretty hard to accomplish goals you never attempt to realize. So tell us your vision for the future, no matter how grand it may be. With our modeling tools, we can give you real data on the likelihood of your money being able to keep up with you. Often times you'll realize just how much you can do!

Ready Money

When it's time to pay for something you've saved for, whether it be a car, a vacation or retirement, we help you get cash into a place you can use it. We have the tools and knowhow to get you what you need as efficiently as possible, allowing you to focus on the things that matter.

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