Stephanie Kunkle

Client Relationship Manager

“Curating the optimal client experience begins with a holistic understanding of financial health.”

Humans are complicated. Personality, preferences, genetics, and environment create diverse people with varied aspirations. Financial advisors often forget the multifactorial causal story of financial health, leaning strictly into the numbers instead learning about their clients. Coming to financial planning from psychology, I focus on crafting plans that foster the client’s internal motivation for change.

Though my objective may be simple, my role within our firm is varied. Serving as the point of contact between custodian and client, I take care of the administrative “dirty work.” Thus, in a sense, I smooth the coarse edges of plan implementation. More than just providing ease however, I also bring forth research to inform the techniques advisors use to foster cognitive recognition and eventual behavioral implementation.

I enjoy watching dramatic changes occur during our Base Camp process. Throughout educational sessions, clients visibly increase in confidence and motivation. Couples exhibit greater teamwork, focus, and trust as they plan. With empathy and patience it is possible to aid clients in transforming money from a stress-inducing menace to a catalyst for goal achievement.

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