1% is massive

Fees can delay retirement goals by years

Who keeps your return?

Every dollar spent on fees is a dollar that won't compound in the years to come. The long term success of a plan is highly correlated to its costs.
401(k) plan sponsors ultimately decide who will benefit from their retirement plan's market returns, the participants or another party. As advisors, we want to see retirement plans grow large and thus we look to find ways to maximize return while keeping fees as low as is reasonable.

Low fees can still buy great retirement plans

Plan Support

Working with owners to ensure their plan is tailored to their needs each year is a big part of what we do. Companies change and as they do, they'll want to tweak their retirement benefits accordingly. We can help you scale your retirement plan according to your projected cash flows.

Annual Education

If people don't understand how to use their retirement benefit, then what good is it? We come in every year to answer questions, explain changes and talk with employees about retirement goals. This is a big part of their future and they should know how to get the most out of it.

High-end Portfolios

Not all funds are created equal. We've spent a lot of time looking for high performing, low cost options. We use reputable DFA and Vanguard funds in our portfolios. If you want additional options, we can help you find additional securities that suit your retirement goals.
Our focus is longterm partnerships. From the outset, we take great care to listen to business owners and plan administrators. Using your best projections for the future, we'll find a custom solution for your retirement plan needs and walk you through the implementation. We also follow up regularly with the key leaders of the plans we manage to ensure the 401(k) plan we formulated is working out, give education to new employees or talk about how their company retirement plan effects their personal financial goals.

Addressing Concerns

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Simple, transparent and scaleable
Skyline charges an asset based fee that tapers as the plan grows in size. This means fees, as a percentage of total plan assets, should decrease over time. There will be other costs elsewhere in the 401(k) plan, and we'll help you keep those to a minimum. Additionally, a large component of retirement plan expenses comes from the securities selected. Here too we seek to find funds that deliver performance without undo costs.
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Making a change can be straightforward
Often times, we hear 401(k) plan decision makers express concerns regarding the process of changing retirement plans. We understand how busy people can be and look to keep our consultations as streamlined as possible. The time from our initial consultation to a completed plan varies, but we have been known to facilitate a total 401(k) overhaul in the less than thirty days.
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We can take responsibility off your plate
As the 401(k) plan sponsor, you are tasked with both regularly benchmarking your retirement plan and selecting securities. These tasks often get far less attention than they deserve or ignored altogether. We benchmark the plans we advise at least annually and assist with your security selection process. This reduces your liability and ultimately brings value to your benefit.

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