Transforming concentrated risk into functional retirement savings

Redirecting assets within a comprehensive financial plan

"If you look at my retirement savings, a large portion is 20 some years of Intel stock I never touched. I know I want to diversify, but I don't want to pay more than I have to in taxes."

He came to us with a career's worth of assets, but with little by way of financial planning. When asked what he really wanted, we settled on three key focuses. First, finding tax efficiency, second, providing stable retirement income, and third, maximizing his ability to give money to charity. He also had a healthy assortment of retirement accounts he had accumulated over his career, ready to be simplified. When we took a look at his assets, we realized he was correct to be worried about his potential tax obligation. On his present course, over three million dollars would go to income and estate taxes.

In order to both increase his ability to give and reduce his tax payments, we helped him create a charitable remainder trust. Then, by moving his highly appreciated assets into the trust and employing several other IRS allowed tax strategies, he saw a decrease of 30% in projected income tax payments and an 89% drop in what would have been his estate tax. Meanwhile, we reduced the risk in his portfolio by more than 20%, bringing it to a level more suitable to his age and needs. Even with this reduction in risk, his long-term expected return remained the same. We also consolidated accounts as much as possible, placing all of his odds and ends under the same roof.

His money went a lot further than he first believed. Dollars that would have disappeared via taxes were repurposed for his pursuits and his lifetime giving increased by 421%. Ultimately, he found the resources to have an impact he had never thought possible before.

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