Putting your financial goals in order

Finding direction and perspective

"We have tried planning here and there, but it's been scattered. Now, with money coming in from Dad's estate, we need an informed strategy."

With this husband and wife, we started by asking them about where they wanted to go. Their goals were fairly straight forward, but we agreed the current state of their finances didn't correspond with the intended destination. Over the course of several weeks working together, we gathered and analyzed data from their pay stubs, budget, tax returns, account statements, insurance policies and will. What we learned eventually informed a new strategy which maximized tax advantages, cut down on unnecessary costs and preserved intended lifestyle.


Estate Planning

After dealing with her father's complex probate process, she and her husband knew the will they had drawn up when the kids were really young was no longer adequate. After helping them find an excellent estate attorney, we collaborated on an approach that would not only care for whichever spouse outlived the other, but would transition wealth to their kids as efficiently as possible.

A Savings Plan

Besides retirement savings, we set up savings for large purchases like cars, new appliances and home repairs. By being very intentional about setting aside funds for big ticket items, it significantly reduced stress around future expenditures.

Insurance Appraisal

As a part of the financial planning process, we took a look at all of the various insurance policies they owned. Besides just ensuring all coverage was sufficient, we also found areas where they were paying for more than they needed. This opened up more room to save and ultimately decreased the travel time to their goals.

In the end, all of the positive elements of their financial life were consolidated, simplified and focused. The money we found through tax efficiency and cutting unnecessary expenses was repurposed towards financial goals that truly mattered. But, perhaps most important of all, they gained the comfort of knowing both where they are going and how they're getting there.

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