Making settlement dollars count

Financial planning for a lifetime of needs

"I just resolved a personal injury claim with a former employer. How can I make the most of this money for me and my family?"

Unsure if it was possible to rejoin the workforce, he needed to know how far his settlement dollars could stretch. Together with his legal team, wife and Skyline, he created and funded a settlement trust. This helped serve his current needs, ensure future income, guarantee successful transition of beneficiary rights to his wife, allow for funding of his children’s educational needs and pay for regular expenses like his mortgage, food and utilities. However, in order to know what strategy to employ it was critical to model all of his expected future expenses.

He knew what he wanted to do, but now he needed to know how and when to use his resources. We built out a model that factored in travel, day-to-day expenses, his children's college costs, healthcare needs, investment growth, social security, his wife's income and much more. Then, we stress tested the plan for different market conditions. By the time we had finished our initial financial planning, he and his wife had a clear sense for the future of their financial goals.

In the end, he gained a team of professionals focused on his long-term success and built versatility that will serve him even as his family's situation changes.

Renewed Freedom

He had been paralyzed by the unknowns of his future. However, after finishing Base Camp he was able to breath much, much easier. He had organized priorities and knew how and when he could expect his goals to come to fruition.

Greater Flexibility

Initially he had considered putting his settlement into an annuity. The regular, reliable payments sounded nice, but they didn't suit the many changes he saw coming his way.

An Able Team

While the model and the financial planning are very informative, he understands that life happens and plans change. When he is inevitably reoriented, he knows where to turn for financial advice.

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