Converting an old retirement plan

Bring your 401(k) plan into modernity

Here is the old story...

A long, long time ago a decision maker in your company partnered with a large institution to create your 401(k) plan. Considered safe and reliable at the time, this institution was viewed as cutting edge. It's sales people brought forth investment options, from fund companies they "trusted."
Even now, many who view this plan might think it is inexpensive. But, when asked, neither the plan's administrators nor it's participants really know what they pay or how they pay it. "It's with an institution, who uses 'trusted' funds," they say. And yet, somewhere, hidden under fine print, fees are alive and well, collecting.
Since the plan's creation, it hasn't been altered or updated. Not only do the "advisors" rarely if ever return to talk with company leadership, they haven't spent time with participants, teaching them how to maximize their benefit. This plan exists, sure, and it's better than nothing, but is it going to get people to retirement?

Luckily, times have changed

Big, standardized institutions are no longer the only option for business owners. The landscape has shifted dramatically. Independent advisors are available to give tailored advice on 401(k) plans, matching the benefit to the culture and priorities of the company.
Plan expenses are no longer an afterthought, they are highlighted. "Why?" you ask. Well, fees and performance are correlated, ask the researchers. The days of transparency are here, long overdue, and with them have come more sensible pricing models. Learn more, here.
You can and should expect regular, face-to-face service. At Skyline, we regularly provide advice and planning to business owners, individuals and families (as you can probably tell from our site). So, when participants or owners ask us questions, we respond from this background, not from a sales perspective.