Skyline is Hiring

The Advisory Team is Expanding

We are pleased to announce we are hiring for the Skyline advisory team. This position will work directly for a lead advisor in support of a wide range of financial planning and investment management functions. The scope and depth of that work may vary in the beginning with the chosen candidates experience and ability, but the hope for whomever is selected is that they will take on increasing responsibility, eventually graduating to become a lead advisor themselves. We are more interested in finding a great person for the role than finding an exact set of skills and qualifications. This is a role in which we invest heavily, as both they and their work product will be client-facing. Some skills and qualifications we value:


  • A CFP® credential or course completion
  • An engineering degree or a math-heavy, analytical background preferred
  • Comfort with Microsoft Office products, especially excel
  • A writing aptitude and strong verbal communication skills
  • Emotional intelligence and the ability to read a room
  • An entrepreneurial interest/spirit
  • A history of self-motivated, self-directed productivity

To submit questions, resumes and cover letters, please contact Aaron Hillman @