Retirement Plan Fee Structure

We believe in simplicity and transparency

Retirement plans typically entail three types of costs. First, there is an advisory fee paid to Skyline. This is directly tied to the magnitude of assets managed. Second, there are the expenses associated with plan administration. These administrative costs are never kicked back to advisors and we always do our best to keep them as low as possible. Thirdly, there are the fees that come with the funds we place in portfolios. Unlike many traditional financial advisors, Skyline is only compensated by its clients and never by fund companies, insurance companies or brokerage houses.

Advisor Fees

We designed our fee structure to align the interests of the advisor and the plan. Thus, as the plan grows, so does the advisor's compensation. Notice however, said compensation tapers as assets grow. This is is because each dollar added to the plan is a little easier to manage than the previous dollar.

$2M or Less


Between $2M & $4M


Between $4M & $6M


Between $6M & $10M


Between $10M & $20M


Above $20M


Platform Expenses

Below is the expense table for Vanguard. We don't always use Vanguard to implement a plan, but they have extremely competitive pricing. These prices cover annual custodial, administrative and record keeping services.

15 or fewer participants


16-50 partcipants

$3,475 + $75

per participant above 15 participants

51-100 partcipants

$6,100 + $70

per participant above 50 participants

101-500 participants

$9,600 + $65

per participant above 100 participants

501-1000 partcipants

$35,600 + $60

per participant above 500 participants

1000 or more partcipants

$65,600 + $55

per participant above 1000 participants

Fund Fees

We keep our portfolios very inexpensive compared to the industry average. Feel free to reach out if you would like more specifics regarding the costs of our retirement portfolios.

Skyline averages 0.27% within 401(k) portfolios.